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  • History
    The German American Law Journal appeared first as a quarterly periodical in the early 1990s, in paper form. Soon, electronic versions followed, first in an XText-hyperlinked format on floppy disks and for downloads, then as a gopher service on the Internet, and eventually in a web format. The print issue eventually was refined by the Capital Area Chapter of the German American Law Association for circulation of a bound version. For several years, the quarterly and GALA issues of the GALJ were available from Hein Publishers.
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    The name German American Law Journal travelled a circular route after its initial use by C. Kochinke in the early 1990s. A law firm in NY City later used a similar name for a periodical and registered a trade mark. To resolve potential conflicts, both names became part of a contractual settlement under which the German American Law Journal name went to the Capital Area Chapter of the German American Law Association for printed material and to C. Kochinke for electronic matter. The use of this name for this electronic site is not intended to signify any relation to, or with, the now-defunct GALA publication or any NY City law firm.
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    The site and server are located in Washington, DC, as are most contributors.
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